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Default Re: My mini-Steelers Room

thanks hines4ever-that really made me laugh as you sounded just like my girlfriend and every friend that comes over,as thats the first thing they say,"you must like the steelers" aint much but im proud of it,you shouldve seen it before i started selling off my collection......the only furniture persay i have is a coffee table from danbury mint......i would'nt call it a shrine,i just call it a steelers room,but thats nice of you to call it that,as i take that as a compliment and its great to hear that coming from another steelers fan......
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Good Lord.....Amazing.....I just pulled a coworker over and showed them....I said and you think IM OBSESSED.....seriously though, great there any furniture in there or is it considered just a shrine....either way....awesome!!!!!
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