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Default Re: Pittsburgh Style Steak question.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
ive never heard of this.

i grill steak about 2X a week. i like mine flame burnt to a crisp on the outside and hot, pink, and juicy on the inside (just like my women).

however its hard to get this perfect on a grill.

can these be done on a conventional gas stovetop? is the iron skillet a must? you just cook it on each side til its burnt?
any particular style or thickness of steaks? i usually have new yorks.
You could do it on any heat surface. You need to get a skillet, melting plate or something you can get super hot. Maybee put a little olive oil on it so it doesnt stick. Once it is hot you drop the steak on it. You could use a new york strip steak but it would be a little harder to keep together. We did it with Sirloin's or Fillets. The thicker the steak you get the easier it will be to keep the inside pinker and juicier. This is just personal preferance but to thin your just gonna end up with a burnt medium done steak.

I like new york too but because of the strip in it the outsides tend to cook up a little bit more. Sirloins work good for this and obviously filet mignion is the best. A skillet will work it might be a little harder to get the whole thing really hot. We used a gas stove to do this. A grill is actually a little harder. In the restaurant we used a melting plate like the thing in the picture. Just the metal part on the wood not the whole thing. Anything like that will work. I never tried a skillet i guess it could work. Some people like to put cajun or blackening season on it. This is a blackened steak not really a Pittsburgh style but the same basic concept when cooking it. Just a variation to try from the marinade. let me know how this works out. Maybee ill make a little cooking video emerill style for you guys.
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