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Default Re: No Steelers Jerseys allowed in Phoenix school.

Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
how about that?

i spoke to a woman this morning at the Walmart bakery about making a cake for my Super Bowl party and she was wearing a Steeler shirt. i said, "are you ready for the game this weekend." she shrugged and gave me this disgusted look. she replies, "i'm a Redskins fan." i said, "wow! you're the first of your kind around these parts." we shared a laugh as she proceeded to tell me how the local high school allowed their kids to wear Steeler stuff for the day. BUT she raised her kids as Redskins fans and apparently, they hate the Steelers and want to wear their Skins stuff to school.

i laughed at the thought and then i read this post about schools banning kids from wearing opposing teams to school. i think this lady is justified and those kids are justified in wearing ANYTHING they want to school. well, anything that fits the dress code, you know? but even children have free will and they should not be chastized for it. if those lil tikes in Arizona want to wear their Steelers stuff...God willing. and if kids in PA want to wear Skins what? what's the point of taking a childs right to do what they want away?
Why on EARTH would she wear the Steelers shirt if she hated them... I would have just wore my usual outfit I needed to wear for work, ya know? NOW... if it was Skins vs. Steelers in the super bowl she should have been able to wear her shirt. :)

I definitely would NOT wear a Cardinals shirt/jersey or even PURCHASE that stuff to wear if I didn't like the team. Every year I've watch the bowl games, I wear whatever.. if my team isn't playing I might still wear Steelers stuff to a friends house... actually now that I think of it... all my friends wore their favorite team jersey regardless who was in the super bowl.. and we all chose sides and cheered... but never once did we buy a shirt to pick a side pre-game... that's a waste of money!

EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WEAR THE TEAM THEY LIKE REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY LIVE OR WHO'S IN THE BOWL GAME! ... just my 2 cents.. (or 20 cents since this is so long - ending now).
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