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Default Re: No Steelers Jerseys allowed in Phoenix school.

Originally Posted by kittenfantastico76 View Post
Why on EARTH would she wear the Steelers shirt if she hated them... I would have just wore my usual outfit I needed to wear for work, ya know? NOW... if it was Skins vs. Steelers in the super bowl she should have been able to wear her shirt. :)

I definitely would NOT wear a Cardinals shirt/jersey or even PURCHASE that stuff to wear if I didn't like the team. Every year I've watch the bowl games, I wear whatever.. if my team isn't playing I might still wear Steelers stuff to a friends house... actually now that I think of it... all my friends wore their favorite team jersey regardless who was in the super bowl.. and we all chose sides and cheered... but never once did we buy a shirt to pick a side pre-game... that's a waste of money!

EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WEAR THE TEAM THEY LIKE REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY LIVE OR WHO'S IN THE BOWL GAME! ... just my 2 cents.. (or 20 cents since this is so long - ending now).
i asked her the same thing, "why would you wear that if you don't like them?" she said, "because she didn't want to be lokoed down upon at work." granted, Walmart has a halfassed strict dress code. blue top and khakis for day time workers and jeans of overnight people. yet, she still chose to wear her Steeler shirt and NOT her Redskins shirt. regardless of if they are in the Bowl game or not...wear the team you love and crap on everyone else.

as for a CHILD being denied the honor and privilege of wearing his team colors...that just goes to show that hatred for the Steelers trickles down to the smallest of fans. poor kid doesn't deserve to be outsted for loving his team. i'm waiting for a baby to be aborted because he or she had a birthmark that looked like the Steeler diamonds! haha! i know that sounded harsh, but you never know what lengths Steeler haters would go to make sure our nation doesn't grow like it should. =)

the principle of the school was probably just jealous because the kid had a Lambert jersey and he didn't. haha!
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