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Default Re: Favorite Steelers Super Bowl Memory?

Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58 View Post
Super Bowl X when Lambert threw Cowboys S Cliff Harris to the ground after taunting Roy Gerela after missing a FG>
..... here's a short side-note to that story, as told to me by a Steeler lineman who was on the field.....

Officials in the NFL never speak to players by-name, instead refering to them by-number, such as '#58', or '#43', so that no favoritism is shown.....

when the Officials finally sorted-out that mess, an Official said "..... Mr. Lambert..... we spoke to #43..... and he PROMISES he'll never do that again to your kicker....."

That Steeler told me he'd never heard an Official call a player by-name during a game, and that the Official was almost 'scared' as to what Lambert's reaction might be.....
"If I could start my life all-over again, I would be a professional football-player, and you damn-well better-believe I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler!"
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