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Default Re: LOST!!

BUMPTY BUMP - bringing back this thread so we can discuss this show.
If you haven't seen the most recent episode and don't want to be spoiled by knowing what happened ... please leave now lol


Okay ...


O M G!!

JUGHEAD ep #3 1/28/09

Charlotte's nosebleed/headaches - and then passing out at the end with blood streaming from her nose. I don't think she's dead because in the scenes for next week I thought I saw her with the group. I hate when they show too much!

So - Widmore was on the island as a soldier over 50 years ago, serving under the ageless Richard Alpert... in 1954! WHOA.

Widmore financed Faraday's research ...

Okay - the young blonde chick who was with Richard's soldier group on the island - she held the gun on Faraday while he went to examine the bomb...her hair was pulled back.

But when Desmond went to Oxford to find Faraday's mother and found out that she was in a semi vegetative state - and that Widmore had been paying for her treatment ever since Faraday disappeared - I'm starting to put two and two together.

I think it's very possible that Faraday could be Widmore's and that blonde chick's LOVE child! Faraday's mother looked like the girl on the island.

THAT would make sense ... BUT ...

The Lie ep #2 ENHANCED VERSION 1/28/09

We found out that Mrs. Hawking's first name is Eloise. Mrs.Hawking is the strange older lady with the short hair and British accent - the one who Desmond met when he was going to buy a ring for Penny.

Faraday's rat was named Eloise.

Could MRS.HAWKING be Faraday's mother??

Hurley's new t shirt: I HEART MY SHIH TZU!

and his mother's reaction to seeing a knocked out Sayid: "Who is the dead Pakistani on my couch?" lol

Having Cheech for Hurley's dad=BRILLIANT!

This ep also clarifies that Sun blames Ben for Jin's death, and that's why she's willing to work with Widmore to kill him. I thought she may have also blamed Jack.

Because You Left ep #1 1/21/09

The ep starts with the mysterious Dr.Halliwax/Chang/Candle in bed with his wife (no, it's not Sun!) They make a big point of showing the baby. At first I thought that the baby might be Miles, which would be good.

Now I wonder if the baby is ... JIN! Remember, he was adopted by the Korean fisherman. He was supposedly an orphan.

Shirtless Sawyer looking for a shirt - that was a total shout out to all of Josh Holloway's female fans and a big tease by making him cover up lol I also laughed when he slapped Faraday - Faraday looked so shocked!

SO many questions ...


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