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Default Re: Greetings... Cardinal Fans(?)

The Cardinals kinda remind me of the '03 Panthers, and to some extent, the '05 Panthers. Those teams struggled with inconsistency during the regular season, but turned it on at the perfect time...only to fall short at the end.

To the Cards credit-Whisenhunt started running a more balanced offense just prior to the playoffs starting. Why he didn't do that most of the year, I don't know. I remember our game on 10/19 when we lost in OT...IF the Cards had committed to the run game in it, it would have been an easy double digit win(especially with Terrence Newman not playing). And for that matter too, if the Cards had committed to the run game in it, no OT would have happened, and Romo/McBriar wouldn't have gotten hurt.

Wow-you talk about a dominos effect!
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