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Default Battle of the Gridiron Stars

Anyone been watching this?I haven't because I have night class,normally I don't get home until 10:00ish.

However,what I have seen Joey Porter is a freaking BEAST!This guy is jsut tearing up the competition.I can't wait to see him knock some heads off with some vicious hits,and just obliterating QB's (epecially Kyle "should Have Been A" Boller).

I also love hearing Thiesman praise J Peezy.I get a kick out of it since he never ahs anything nice to say whenw e're on ESPN SNF.He is such a horse's ass!I hope he wakes up mute one morning so I don't have to listen to him on SNF...and hopefully ESPN will change thier crew when they take over MNF next year.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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