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Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
I'm lost. Who is McMillen and Wife? I have seen their website on numerous occasions but never bothered joining..........

dont. intense Steelers fans yes. but they arent nearly as classy as you guys. They have a sort of a dictatorship. if you dont kiss butt with the moderators they ban you for a while to punish you. If you dont agree with a certain point of view you get sworn at but you cant do the same. And this is toward other STEELER FANS let alone me! They also spend have the time preaching their Christianity, which in itself is ok, since Im Christian myself.
But they do it in a fire and brimstone way and if you are not a conservative Republican lecture-everybody type of Christian (with racist overtones) you get branded a pinko and eventually get banned for a while.

this site is fantastic because you are classy and secure enough to allow all sorts of viewpoints and you treat the posters with respect.

I actually got permantly banned because they didnt believe i was a real Patriots fan or something because i posted on their during a Patriots game (which wasnt on TV in my area so what the *^%%?) the real truth is i got banned because during the Cincinnati loss, while they were ganging up on Ben and giving up on the season i was telling them the game wasnt over yet, then when the Steelers started coming back i think i embarrassed them by pointing out that it was the Patriot fan who had kept the faith in the Steelers. hahaha.

anyways. i guess they deserve Super Bowl happiness too, maybe it'll cheer them up!

i guess my long point is to tell you guys how much i respect and appreciate this site. You guys have class and when you win tonight I'll know how happy you are, having been there in recent years, and I'll be cheering you on.
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