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Default Re: Why? Some Eagle fans are idiots...

Originally Posted by drizze99 View Post
I live in DE which is predominantly Eagles territory. It just amazes me how much HATORADE this a-holes drink. I am trying to do my work and enjoy our 6th SB victory and these jackasses are doing their best to rain on my parade. I seriously think I going to knock a bitch out today.

Why can't they accept a non-Philly team from PA winning a Championship? What pisses me off is that I was happy for them and congratulated them when the Phillies won the World Series this summer. NEVER again will I ever say a nice thing to these idiots.
Both the Eagles fans AND the Philly sports media are the biggest kool-aid drinkers in all of sports. Every offseason/TC, they act like they have 22 Pro Bowlers and are locks to win the Super Bowl...which is why whenever they come up short, it gives me at least some satisfaction, especially if my team stinks it up-plus they go from intimidating other fanbases to fighting amongst themselves. With the Redskins and Giants, at least there's some mutual respect shared among our fanbases.

BTW-it's also laughable when they think just beating the Cowboys is their Super Bowl. OTOH-when we beat the Eagles, it's just that...ONLY another win.
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