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Default Re: Cardinals fans/Steelers haters..

Originally Posted by CargoJon View Post
Please don't get this started. I'm an an argument with a bunch of fans on a Saints' board they're all pissing and moaning how lopsided the officiating was.

Final score: Steelers 27, Cards 23.

Penalties/yards: Steelers 7/56, Cards 11/106

Take away the 3 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the single drive for the Cards (all perfectly legit, BTW, but for the sake of this idiotic argument, we'll take them away) and the resulting FG for that drive, and the numbers look more like this:

Final score: Steelers 24, Cards 23.

Penalties/yards: Steelers 7/56, Cards 8/61- that difference represents a frigging offsides call.

They need to stop bitching. And then they need to adjust their tampons and get a clue.
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