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Default Re: obama nut hugging

...I can think of another reason, though it's a rather unlikely one that it would be Rooney involved.

Some of the gambling websites out there will let you bet on just about ANYTHING during the Super Bowl -- who will make the first touchdown, the opening coin toss...who the MVP/etc. will thank at the end of the game.

Seriously, I saw this bet on Bodog for last year's Super Bowl. The big favorite was that the winning team was going to thank God, with the next under that being they were going to thank their teammates.

Step 1: Place the maximum allowable bet on a longshot for the "who to thank" bet. Possibly do so from multiple accounts as to override the maximum that is enforced on such prop bets.
Step 2: Have a friend in high places tell Steeler players/people involved with the Steelers to thank that person when they win.
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: PROFIT!
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