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Default Re: I'm calling yinz out

mesa had no clue,i said i just lost my job and my home.....and he replied-CRY ME A can you defend that much hate and not understanding of another human like that....hate me or like me,but to disrespect me like that,yeah i take that personal.....and mesa did nothing to get banned,so you think its ok to treat someone like this,this is what youre about as a steeler fan,you want to be grouped with someone like this,thats good for you.....but to me,i would never say anything so hateful to anyone,a steelers fan or even for that matter a patriots fan or a fan of any team or any other human being,i would just be thankful it wasnt me going threw that............i guess im different,i don't think so much of myself that i can make fun of someone and be little someone like this......believe me,if i could i would "DONATE",it might not be fair as i agree with you that we all take advantage of this free forum,maybe the people that run it should make it a membership's just sad to me,to be criticized like trying to sell off my prized steelers collection to help my family and the last thing i need or deserve is for another steelers fan to say something so uncaring like this to me
Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
I think you are taking this way too personally, LLF. mesa had no clue about your financial situation when he made the post and knowing mesa as I do, I know that the last sentence of his post was made in sarcasm (damn - where is that sarcasm smiley when you need it? ) I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time in your personal life, but most people have hit a bump in the road at sometime during their lives, be it financially, medically, losing a job, a loved one, etc. You aren't alone.

If you don't wish to donate or can't donate, that's fine - no problem! I just find it terribly unfair that there are so many people who have been here for quite a while and haven't donated one single penny to help keep this site running for their enjoyment as well as everyone else's. Does that mean they aren't welcome here? No - that's NOT what I am saying. But - when someone who refuses to donate takes an unjustified shot at another member who has donated and is basically paying to be ridiculed and insulted, I'm going to call it out every time because it just isn't right.

mesa did absolutely NOTHING to be banned for. We'll just have to agree to disagree here.
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