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Default Re: My Super Bowl Experience in the UK

Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
if you dont mind me asking but how did you turn to american football in a football crazed country like england? my bet is your dislike for Becks
I actually really like Becks and have an autograph from the night he scored in the
93rd minute of the world cup qualifiers agaisnt Greece in 2002(i think) to send us through to the finals. Not so keen on posh tho...

Football over here has been spoilt and tainted by all the money. The big 4 teams have all the money, but the best players and win the league year upon year. With no salary cap, wages are getting stupid and teams cannot compete. Thats why I never want the cap to be take off in American Football, as some teams would never challenge.

Basically I always loved American sports. From high school age i came a pretty prolifice Basketball player and our school won district and country championships and undefeated for 3 years. I guess around that time I got into American Football as I was soo bored of playing Football, and my heart wasnt in it any more after I got passed up to go Professional by my local team.

Even them 5 years ago, under 18's American Football was not very big so the first chance to play was when I went to University. Lets just say when I put my pads on for the first time and got to hit people, I was hooked on all things American Football.

I transfered Universities due to courses and now am the President of the club and coach the Offense/Recievers/Play Call, you name it I do it. Just got to find a way to fundraise or get more money from the Uni as our teams kit is all pretty much past it, and being a non mainstream sport, we struggle for money and funding and then try and bring the standard of play forward.

I hope to come over in aug/september to obviously see the Steelers play but to go visit soome collages/high schools to see if i can gain any tips/advice/drills/training to help bring my team forward.

Again, on the whole growth in this country. May be aware we have had 2 "international" games at Wembley which has both sold out. We have a thriving University League with 45 teams (about 2500 players) and 10 more wanting to join. The National League again is thriving, with about 40 teams (2000 odd players) and the top teams in the country are then competing in Europe against Europes best.

We now have American Football set up at most National League teams from 14-18 before turning to the adult League, to encourage more youngesters to play the game, and we have some of the best youth teams in Europe now (Still a very long way off America, but it is growing hugely each year)

Again, sorry for the long post but well hope that gives some insight into fans outside of America, and the state of actually playing Gridiron in the UK. I really do love it, I think ill probably play for another 6 or 7 years, whilst trying to gain as many coaching qualifications as possible. The dream to coach in America is there, but I doubt that will ever happen!
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