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Default Re: My Super Bowl Experience in the UK

Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
if you dont mind me asking but how did you turn to american football in a football crazed country like england? my bet is your dislike for Becks/posh :D
I know as far as i was concerned i got into American football and the Steelers in 1984 when i was 10 years old,I remember Channel 4started showing it on tv on sunday evenings at 6.00pm and it was one of those sports i was hooked on.As a kid i loved most sports so something new and differnet like US football was very welcomed.

I remember at the same time going to a Tesco(owned by Walmart so same kinda store) store with my parents and see a row of American football jerseys among the teams were Steelers,Dolphins,Bears,Cowboys,Packers,Giants,Red skins,Raiders and a few more if i,m correct.I went straight to the Steelers jersey and just begged my parents to get it,I,d seen a report on the American football about the Steelers and just remember that,The jersey was a Louis Lipps and it was in the shopping trolley.

I did love soccer as a kid but as i got older i grew out of it..For me the game has been ruined by money,diving and cheating over the years.I just got more into US sports espec Football.I went to the 1986 American bowl at Wembley London between the Bears and the Cowboys and it was just the best day ever to see 2 teams in a new sport to the UK and how well it was accepted by us Brits.I still remember when i saw players like William "The Fridge" Perry,Walter Payton and Mike Singeltary etc and compared to soccer players the size was ridiculous lol.

I have been a Steeler fan ever since and love Us Football,I try and watch some college football too as we get NASN here which shows pretty much all the US sport you can handle espec college sports.I love America and most things about it,I have friends there(most are Steeler fans lol) and as your closest allie i hope it continues,It,s 2 great countries and with the International NFL games i hope it keeps going.
I do totally understand though some Americans don,t like the idea of the International games as it is America,s sport.I know Terry Bradshaw did an interview for the first game in London and he was really really against it.It,s just we in the UK really do appreciate the sport and i can see it becoming possibly a top 5 sport in the UK.It won,t overtake soccer or horse racing as the 2 biggest attended sports but i can see it being more popular than Rugby and Cricket (Yawn lol).

Anyway ive rambled enough
Steelers got the "ONE FOR THE OTHER THUMB" !!
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