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Default Re: My Super Bowl Experience in the UK

Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
what is the toughtest part of an NFL game for non-americans to understand is it the rules or the different positions?

funny - I think I'm the flip side of the coin. Always been a big steelers and pirates fan and I never even been to pittsburgh.

I got sick of $$ ruining american sports and the lack of commitment the pirates showed toward winning that I turned to european football. A friend of mine who was from W,Germany 9at that time) introduced me to Real Madrid and now look forward to watching Pool vs RM in UEFA CL .

When I was growing up in the early 70's my friends were either Viking or Cowboy fans and to spite them I became a steelers fan.
Hardest bit for people I have go into the games was probably the rules, although just watching 1 drive with someone who knows the rules and they are well away and enjoying the game. I think also the length of time and amount of commericals hinder some peoples appeal. 3 odd hours for a game is a long time compared to 90mins for "soccer" and 80mins I think for rugby.

Europeon football does have it's ups and down's, I just dont religiously follow it anymore.

My story for becoming a Steelers fan is not overly exciting. I had been a fan of the game for many years, always followed the game rather than the team, as have no ties with America or a city. Visited Tampa Bay on holiday, saw the Raymond James but I didnt want to follow them as hunfdeds of other Brits had done, come to Florida and support miami or tampa bay. I like to see how tampa do, but thats about it.

Then, come recruitment for the new season, 2 guys from Pittsburgh on a semester exchange come sign up. I was fortunte to become best friends, and play on the same Offence as them, one at QB, one ar WR and me at TE/WR. From that day on, followed the Steeler Nation as I had a personal tie to the city, and a tie through Football which was the most important bit. They were gutted going back to College in PA as their game here was the last proper game they would ever play, least we won 10-0 in the mudbowl that was called Leicester. I hope to visit these guys comes September and get to Heinz Field with them, throw some balls about and relieve the best games of my career!

It was fate, meant to be part of the Black and Gold, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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