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Default Re: Prayers Needed

I want to apologize for being so "emo" lately which at times, shows up in my posts. I have a lot on my plate right now with the rapidly deteriorating situation with my Mom.

Mom's mental status continues to go downhill quickly and she has fallen three times since I moved her into the personal care residence, which is not the fault of the staff - they are absolutely wonderful with her and I've grown attached to many of them. I've also grown quite fond of several of the residents there and visited with them when I went to see my Mom.

Mom's last fall was a week ago and it necessitated her having to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. She is wheelchair bound, as she can't walk any longer and the nursing staff thought she got out of bed on her own and fell, striking herself above the eye on the ground. Various scans were performed in the E.R. and thank God, everything was negative, but she had a big lump above her eye which was badly bruised. The E.R. doc felt it best to keep her for a few days and keep an eye on her. The social workers at the hospital felt strongly that she should go to a rehab center to try to get her a little more independent, so she was transferred to a local nursing home with the best rep in town as far as rehab centers go. Needless to say, this place is a LOT different than the personal care residence but they take Mom down the hall for physical and occupational therapy services every day. She has only been there for a couple of days, but there is no change in her condition or cognitive abilities. She doesn't know who I am at times and talks very little - very much unlike my Mom. Alzheimers/dementia is a horrible disease and it has sadly taken my Mom from me, though she is still physically alive.

Please - please - continue to pray for her. Though she is 86 years old and coming to the end of her life, when she does pass, I want it to be peaceful for her. I hope I am there, as it breaks my heart to think she may pass alone - hell, it tears me apart to imagine anyone dying alone. It is terribly heartbreaking to watch someone you love so much deteriorate so rapidly right before your eyes.

I just wanted all of you to know what has been happening and why my posts contain a little more emotion than usual. Thank you to my many friends here who are helping me to cope with this situation and thank you to all of you in advance for your prayers.

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