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Default Re: Why? Some Eagle fans are idiots...

I live near alot of Philly fans. They are all for the most part a hateful Jealous bunch. I think all of them are way too emotional and tend to let their hopes and dreams interfere with reality. On the Sunday of the AFC NFC championship games my neighbor was over b4 the games and told us that he was feeling so good about the Eagles chances to go to the Super Bowl and win no matter who they played. It was basically a its in the stars argument. The Phillies finally won so now it was the Eagles turn. It was funny he left and my wife looked at me and started laughing. She wanted to know if I had plans on being there for him when he fell.

Now the claim to fame is that the Eagles beat the Steelers in week 3 so they are a better team than the Champions of Super Bowl XLIII. You know the team that actually brought home the Lombardi for the 6th Time. Which by the way most Eagle fans dont even know what is.
It is a mindset I dont think any one in Steeler Nation will ever understand. Thank God
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