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Default Re: How Many Cardinal SB Wins are Legit?

Originally Posted by GoFins11 View Post
I gotta say this attitude is not becoming of an elite NFL franchise fan base. Who cares what anybody says the championship is yours and nobody can take that away.

Don't make fun of the Card fans. If they are being sore losers, thats their problem. They have had a hard enough time watching their team lose for so long. Now they don't know how to take just missing success.
If you take something so seriously you can't laugh at it, you gotta take a step back. This thread was made in jest, as a response to the Cardinals bashing our franchise.

On your principle, if you feel I'm being a sore winner, that's my problem. I wish them, and all teams in its own way, success in coming years. We Steelers are a large lot, from fans to players, but we're only one team of 32.

But, returning to my original point, its a the blast furnace...on a Steelers forum. I'm trying to be mostly non-inflammatory here.
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