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Default Re: No more celebrating as Steelers start preparing for 2009

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
dixon played is an option QB. also see kordell stewart, vince young, major harris, michael bishop, pat white and so on.

the steelers have done the kordell experiment. why re-visit it?
More like a spread offense, but what does that matter?

I know, I know, it's pretty much assumed that the label of "athletic quarterback" means a guy who does nothing but scramble and run out of the option, and the only pass he can throw is the fourth-down moonball fade to the corner against double coverage that always falls incomplete and once again ends the team's national title hopes as the opponent's fans storm the field.

The difference between Dixon and any of those garbage QBs is that he was a passer first and just happened to be an "athletic" QB as well. He can actually throw the ball from what I've seen of him.
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