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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heel Football Coming To Life

The Buckeyes are perennial top 10 now, pre or post season or both. They're an NFL factory. The graduation rate has gone up. GPA has improved. Clarett was a HUGE misstep, but they've been almost squeaky clean since.

It's not the Bucks fault that the Big Ten has slipped. The Buckeyes remind me a little of FSU when the ACC only had 110 teams in it, and not the current 317. The Seminoles had like 2 tough games a year, and if they won them, they were in the NCG.

The Bucks DO play a super tough OOC game every year when almost everyone else refuses, so +1 for them.

Anyway, kudos to Butch for what he's doing down there in Chapel Hill.
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