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Default Re: Any rugby players/fans

If any of you are tempted by the awesome game that is Rugby (it has to be Union for me, sorry Steelers NRL Dragons), you really need to check out some of the DVDs that are out there. A first point of call has to be the 2003 World Cup – and I’m not just saying that ‘cause England won it, and that was the last time we had a truely great team…..ok I am..(although the 2007 boys nearly emulated them )….., but the 2003 WC was an awesome competition. (England v Australia is always special…it’s just one of those sporting rivalries that unless you come from either Country, it's hard to explain…especially when Rugby or Cricket is involved - sh*t, they could make a tiddleywinks final look engrossing!). I had no nails left after that World Cup, and really needed the ten pints after the game just to calm myself down!

So, TeeJay’s, recommendation of the week (albeit nearly 6 years late!) has to be ‘Inside England Rugby….Sweet Chariot’ DVD. It’s just a great behind the scenes look at a team as they prepare for and play the Autumn Internationals and the Six Nations, prior to the World Cup in Aus. And if you’re not sure, then check out ‘Team Day Off’, when the Team went to Marwell Zoo. Edited snippet goes something along these lines:- …….

Richard Hill “You know what we want. We want things that eat people”.

So, the conversation soon becomes a ‘what animal would you have in your Team’

JW wants to see a Rhino and Polar Bear in the front row, but Martin Johnson isn’t having any of it.

“A Polar Bear’s not bad, but a Silverback beats ‘em everytime. You’ve gotta get your Silverback in there”

Damn freaking right – With a Silverback in your Team, you’ll be World Champions - And I think that's just been proven!

And of course, after that, there’s always Sweet Chariot 2….the build up to the 2007 World Cup. All that needs to be said about that is Kenny Rodgers! F**king Superstar!
– Let’s just say for the final, England unfortunately left the Silverback at home! )

Anyway, thought I'd better post this before tomorrows game at The Millenium Stadium, Cardiff. That's not going to be pretty.
"If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler." -- Jack Lambert. Feb '09 - Hell Yeah, they made the Doughnuts

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