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Default Re: Begging the Mods. . .

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Can we please get one Willie sucks thread, one Arians Sucks thread, and one Ben sucks thread, and sticky them. . .

That way, we don't have to see them scattered throughout the forum anymore?

Just a thought.

BTW, good luck in the offseason. Thank goodness we won the SB right?
I really haven't noticed any particular threads like that in the past couple of weeks - just a comment here and there in threads pertaining to Ben, Willie and Arians. It wouldn't matter anyway - I could open up three separate threads and people would start another one anyway to have their "name in the limelight".

Yes - thank GOD we won the Super Bowl!! We really do have lives outside of this board and had we not won that game, it would have been sheer HELL around here and we'd be living here day and night. Ughhhh - just the thought of it!

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