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Thumbs up Tootall.....from Bristol, England

Hi All, I'm Mark from across the water and have been a Steeler fan since 1982 when i visited your great country.

I was just outside Harrisburg in an exchange with your National Guard and joined the medics for a game of football. I said fine I love Soccer, but when they explained football and soccer are not the same over there, I thought lets give this a try. Wow, was I glad I did, soccer just seems so tame in comparison, though rugby over here is a little bit harder than football as we do not have pads!!

At 6'9", 365lbs, 22 years old, I was told that I was perfact for a guard and when I was told that I basically just hit people it sure made for some great fun, after the game I was taken down your local bar for a few 'bevvies' (drinks) my only criticism is you guys have very weak beer.

Anyway, after 2 fabulous weeks with the medics I returned home with a great going away present of a Steeler jersey so that is why I became a Steeler fan.

I belong to a couple of sites for draft purposes which I particularly enjoy The huddle Reprt (THR) being my main preference. I want to learn more about Football.

I'm a chef by trade, and enjoy bridge and golf as well. I wish that i could watch more football on the Internet as we only get the regular season over here.
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