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Originally Posted by T.Richardson View Post
That '97 team was exciting, though its not common to see a team full of rookies, and veterns making a run for the playoffs.

In my opinion, PNC park is the most beautiful park in baseball, even ESPN agrees!
PNC is beautiful. I am not even going to pretend that I understand what you true Pirate fans are going through. I was born a Yankee fan and when I was a kid I would take the train into the Bronx and see games(Bleacher seats were$5.00 signifigantly less than what I pay now for my families 4 seats ). My fathers best friend was also a bat boy for the 1961 Yankees.

I became a Steeler fan when I was around 7. I went to visit an Uncle in Latrobe Stiller Country! In him and the area I saw the same passion for the black and gold as I was accustomed to seeing for the Pinstripes at home! When I got home I started to follow the Steelers. Even though I did have to hear about the Maz homer to beat the Bombers in the series over the head of my favorite all time Yankee Yogi Berra

I was fortunate to see both the teams that I hold so close to my heart win 6 championships in my young years. Also the succes that both have had since is unprecedented. The are the measurig stick for all teams in both their leagues. My devotion to both has always been unconditional. To the point that I have equal pictures of the Seelers and Yankees in my "man cave".
The reason I gave you my boring little sports biography is that I love this site and I love talking baseball. I am lokking forward to the upcoming season and talking baseball here. Please know that I have nothing but respect for the fans of the Pirates and nothing I enter will be in any way meant to be other than that. So please dont lump me in with the Yankee fan stereotype.
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