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Default Camping Trip

Mamaduck43's joke reminded me of one I heard about 15 years ago...

8 hunters went on their annual deer-hunting expedition up in Canada.

They got up early on the first morning and they decided to break off into pairs. Within the first 1/4 mile, John and Dave see this huge 12-point buck through the brush. John pulls out his bow and fire a perfect shot. Since they were so close to the campsite, they decided to drag the deer back (before cleaning it) to have some fun and start their relaxation a little early. On their way back, Dave spots one of the other guys shortly up the second path squatting over a log grunting like he's dropping a child from his arse.

Immediately, John and Dave start cleaning the deer...then Dave quietly sneaks up to the log (holding his breath) and lays the guts on top of the steaming pile of poo laying there, then sneaks back to camp.

As the morning wanes on, the other two sets of guys make their way back, empty handed but with stories of deer they saw, but couldn't shoot. John and Dave mention their little adventure at which all 6 are having a good laugh. As Noon rolls along, the other pair comes back, with the "squatter" looking pale, but excited.

"Guys, guys, you'll never guess what happened to me earlier today," he exclaims. "Shortly after going down the path, my stomach started feeling queezy. So, I took a massive dump. When I turned around to admire my handiwork, I found, to my surprise that I had $hit my guts out." (At this point, the other 6 are laughing hysterically).

Not understanding their elation, he finishes his story. "Seriously guys, but with a little luck and a large stick, I got them all back inside!"
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