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Default Re: Begging the Mods. . .

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
while were at it, we might as well sticky 1 Dems are HYPOCRITES thread.

that pretty much sums up any political "discussion" we will see on this board for the next 8 years (if not longer).

Come on Toney, you're an expert in dishing it out as well. Lord knows the "Bush bashing" threads have been all over the place here not even mentioning Mcain/Palin.

BUT, back to the REAL topic I think Preacher is on to something. Title the sticky threads "problems with Willie, Arians, Ben...ect...ect...

I'm not against censoring these people but it does get old seeing the same arguments over and over.

I'm glad! we won the superbowl, as it has scilenced most haters, but the fact is ..... this is a Steelers board, many people have been fans through thick and thin, and have kept an upbeat attitude. I will call a lame duck when I see it, but I will also ALLWAYS support the black and gold, no matter who our cast is.
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