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Default Re: Roster Battles.....

Right Tackle should be a pretty good battle, winner Max Starks,
Nice to have some back up but hopefully a healthy Kendall Simmons will win out.

WR I guess it doesn`t matter, as long as were as good as we can get. I like Gibsons height, bring Wilson off the bench.Can`t wait to see Cobb, this could be a helluve recieving corp.
TE Heath Miller, but please use his hands coach, don`t let this be another guard wearing a jersey in the 80`s
Duce to start, Bus to finish
OLB this is tough Haggans I thought played good enough, but if Harrison can play better then lookout, did I hear someone say Chad Brown??
Third down back ??? I like them both, this is a do or die year for Haynes stay healthy or gone

R end Kimo, but age will keep his plays down so a pair of fresh Hoke legs will work good

You know I was a big Coc fan to be the next starter, but then came McFadden let the best man win, it will only make us better, Ty Law?
FS probably Hope, lets Hope whomever it is , he os the man
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