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Default PIT vs BAL... the next episode

Last Saturday we all watched our Steelers again
A career 300+ passing day for our leader Big Ben

Although it was ugly and we made Eli look great
We knew we could win - we just had to wait

Big Ben, Bettis, Randle El, or Ward
Give them the ball and points will be scored

Offense or defense - they all give it their best
Both come through big when they're put to the test

As usual our team came back in the end
With our starters still out with injuries on the mend

Our wins aren't pretty but wins still the same
All that matters is who leads at the end of the game

A perfect example was on Monday Night Football
The last 4 minutes really decided it all

The Patriots gave us an early Christmas gift
And finally the AFC standings started to shift

The 12-1 Pats played the 2-11 Fins
Somehow Miami comes back and wins

This game broke a record although not one the Pats wanted
Just more reason to be teased and taunted

Our Steelers sit atop the AFC at 13-1
But we still remember our season is not done

It's week 16 and our destiny is not yet sealed
It's still 1 game at a time - we'll do our talking on the field

This week it's the Ravens who have given us our only loss
We'll avenge that now and we'll show them who's boss

It's the last home game of the season - the Ravens are here
No one beats us in our house - at least not this year

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