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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Correction: Cowher couldn't win because he always had mediocre talent at QB. No coincidence that as soon as they sign their REAL NFL QB, they win a ring (two now).

The Bucks never get the blue chip prospects at QB that they do at the other skill positions. They do now. ALSO, they seem to never get the top prospects for their lines. THAT changed as well.

Tress is no idiot. He's a winner. He wins the old fashioned way, and that's by being consistent and coaching a team. Look at what he did at YSU.

It's dismissive and wrong to write that program off or to question his coaching acumen. There are 118 other teams that would KILL to be where the Bucks are year in and year out...
The only teams who would KILL to be where the Bucks are would be a team like Auburn or Arkansas who have murderous OOC opponents every year aside from their SEC schedule and can barely get into a bowl game because of it. Miami is another good example of this. Next year, aside from their ACC schedule which will be tougher than last year, they have their annual meeting with Florida and then Oklahoma who they got dismantled by 2 years ago.

and you're wrong. I can question Tressel's coaching because it is his coaching that has made OSU a joke in the eyes of the college football world the last 2 years. It would be one thing if he won at least 1 of the games but when you go 0-5 against teams ranked in the top 15 and lose games with the kind of talent that he has, it's kind of hard for me to just give Tress a pat on the back and say "You're doing a fantastic job".
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