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Default Re: Prayers for GBMelBlount and family

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post

I an so sorry, Its times like this that I wish those of us who are your friends could just take a little of our combined strength and lend it too you to help your through this situation....You know I would if I could brother.

...please accept this with my prayers.

To Watch You Go
Is to know such pain, , its my soul knowing something is gone, to not be had again

To Watch You Go
Is to know that he who kept me from harm, will no more hold me in his strong, warm arms.

To Watch You Go
Is to feel empty and worn, to have the ribbon that tied our lives together...untied and torn.

To watch You Go
Is to know that now I'll stare, alone at those places that together you and I would share.

To Watch You Go
Is to lose a love, to forever lose one part of the only two father-son teams I'm a part of.

To watch You Go
Is to cry without you, to live without you, to go on without father, my teacher, my friend.
Thanks LLT! That was beautiful. I actually just teared up reading it.

Anyway, my father is 89 and in congestive heart failure. The situation appeared quite grave. He is doing much better however and may have a few weeks, a few months or perhaps up to a year on the long side.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and friendship! It means more than you know.
If I could be like that,
what would I do,
What would I do..."

~ 3 Doors Down

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