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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09

Originally Posted by steelerbuckeye View Post

Fair weather fan eh? I guess being a realist who realizes when my team's head coach is doing a bad job by losing big games makes me a bandwaggoner. I'm sorry that I'm not the majority of OSU's population who thinks that no team can come within 70 points of a victory. I should just praise Tressel for the excellent job that he's done for the Buckeyes in the last several years. It's ok to get beat by the SEC in back to back years and then lose 3 times to top 10 ranked opponents. I guess I'll just enjoy the victories over sub-par Big Ten teams at the moment because they're all "quality" wins right.

I'm glad you're happy with our team being a joke right now. As if telling me Tressel is going to win another national championship in the future is something I'm actually going to find offensive or something but do me a favor: talk to me and wave the OSU towel when Tressel learns how to stop playing conservative profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilterprofanityfilter ball and starts playing to win the game.
You're absolutely a fair weather fan. You question Tressel-ball, which won in the 50's and won in 2002. So now the formula fails? Because you say so?

Pittsburgh won with the same formula: Play great defense and run the football to open up the passing game. Play solid ST's. Tress's achiles heel is that he hasn't recruited OL and DL like he should, paying too much attention to big name skill players. He also ignored the QB position. it's also foolish to say that he hasn't adapted. He ran a spread option-type offense for Troy Smith.

To address if OSU can win w/o Wells an company, the Bucks don't rebuild, they reload. They'll be just fine.

You're a typical "what have you done lately for me" wagoner, who jumps on and off depending on the W-L column. Every team has them, though, so no big deal...
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