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Default Re: Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
But really, assault weapons? I mean, I support the second amendment as much as anyone here, but I don’t think the forefathers had the AK-47 in mind when they drafted that verbiage. Seriously, who needs those types of weapons and what good have they ever been used for in everyday life? I can understand rifles (for sportsmanship and hunting) handguns (for protection) but it does get ridiculous…

They are used for crimes, period.
I'm not for people carrying around AK-47's myself either, but the only constitutional reason I could see them being legal is because these are the types of weapons the military is issued.

When the framers of this country wrote the second amendment, they had in mind that every militia and citizen had the right to be armed as the national army would be armed, that way they would be capable of defending themselves from an unjust government, if it ever came to that.
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