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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
You're absolutely a fair weather fan. You question Tressel-ball, which won in the 50's and won in 2002. So now the formula fails? Because you say so?

Pittsburgh won with the same formula: Play great defense and run the football to open up the passing game. Play solid ST's. Tress's achiles heel is that he hasn't recruited OL and DL like he should, paying too much attention to big name skill players. He also ignored the QB position. it's also foolish to say that he hasn't adapted. He ran a spread option-type offense for Troy Smith.

To address if OSU can win w/o Wells an company, the Bucks don't rebuild, they reload. They'll be just fine.

You're a typical "what have you done lately for me" wagoner, who jumps on and off depending on the W-L column. Every team has them, though, so no big deal...
Wow you really don't know what you're talking about

1. Tressel recruited 2 of the top 5 OL last year and another 4 star who is suppose to be a stud and put one of them at center half way through the year to replace Cordle (who is one of the top centers in the country). As for DL, he also recruited Robert Rose 2 years ago who was a 5 star recruit. Also, see theand 09 recruiting class. #10 DE in the country, #24 in the state of Ohio (who turned down offers from Vanderbilt, Boston College and Tennessee) and 3 other top 20 DE in the state. Oh and let's not forget to mention that last year he recruited 4 top tier defensive lineman one of which who happened to be considered the #4 best overall athlete in the country.

2. Ignored the QB position? How long has it been since you've watched OSU? Justin Zwick was the #1 QB in Ohio and 1 of the top in the country at the time he was recruited, Smith wasn't expected to even be a QB as he was brought in as an athlete, Ginn played QB in the Alamo Bowl for the purpose of red-shirting Boeckman so he could keep him for the long run and then what did he do come Boeckman's 6th senior year? Recruited the #1 QB in the country and the most hyped player to come out since Joe McKnight.

What have you done for me lately is the correct answer. There is NO excuse for Tressel to be outcoached in the way he does with the depth of talent that he has on that team. The only other team that gets outcoached with that kind of depth of talent is Miami and that's because they always have the toughest OOC opponents every season and Coker left Shannon with a group of inexperienced talent. As far as BCS goes, Stoops is the only other comparison and ask any Oklahoma fan if they feel the same way about him as I do Tressel and more than likely 98% will agree.

and you're still very wrong because I am an Ohio State alum that is tired of watching my team lose games they should be winning and you're obviously either too blind or just have too much homerism to admit when someone is getting out-coached.
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