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Default Re: Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
yeah, so? what does that prove?

i understand the physics behind it. as soon as the pin hits the primer a bullet will be discharged at the same rate dependent on the calibur and amount of gunpowder used.

but lets keep it real here and throw out all BS semantics and rhetoric (and diversion).

i have a .22 calico that comes standard with a 100 round spiral clip that i can unload in less than 30 second (believe me ive tried and timed myself and wasted ammo just for the sake of doing it).

and i still have my 1st .22 rifle that holds about 12 shots and it would take me about 6 minutes of loading, and re-loading to get off 100 shots.

sure a single bullet leaves the barrel at the same rate of speed, but you are really muddying the issue here.
If you were smarter you would have 3 extra clips at the ready, and someone reloading the other 2.
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