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Default Re: Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
It is the furthest thing from the same.

Come walk in my shoes for a week and watch the destruction drugs do to individuals, families, communities. It makes handgun crime PALE in comparison. Honestly, people who argue for the legalization of drugs are either 1. too far into the culture itself to see clearly the damage they are causing, or 2. Care to much about their agenda to see what drugs really do, in the degree they do them.

There is not ONE family in my church that is not touched by drug use in their family. There is not ONE family in my church that IS touched by gun use in their family.
You make some decent points, and I agree with you for the most part.

I am not for the legalization of most drugs (except marijuana, there are more benefits to this being legal than being illegal), but I am for decriminalization of other illicit drugs. I think it is a waste of the justice systems time and taxpayers money to just toss drug users (the non-violent ones at least) into jails and prisons with murderers, rapists and the like. I feel like if someones only crime is a drug addiction then the focus should be more on rehabilitation, not mixing them into a society of violent criminals, where more often than not, they come out worse than when they entered.

There are many peoples lives that are affected by drug use, but you could use the same argument for alcohol use as well, yet this is legal. Only when a person is endangering others while intoxicated is it considered a crime. I feel very strongly that marijuana should be treated in the same way.

As far as guns go, the same principle basically applies. As long as you go through the proper steps to obtain a gun, use it within lawful means, everything is fine and dandy. Commit a crime with it, your screwed and face consequences.
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