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Default Re: Hello from Indiana. Huge Steeler fan!

Here is how that started on the Colts board.

Originally Posted by IndyColtsSBXLI
Love and Hate

only 2 from your fav team can be on the love list though

1: Peyton Manning
2: Reggie Wayne
3: Tom Brady i hate to say and i know im gonna get grilled but i love to watch the guy play and am a fan of his
4: Kobe Bryant
5: Carson Palmer

1:Ben Worthlinsberger
2:Lebron James
3:Tedy Bruski
4:Chad Johnson oh wait Ocho Cinco
5:Shaquille Oneil


Nice nice word on Big Ben. I'll get to that later.

1. Big Ben (How does he escape?)
2. Hines Ward (Better watch out for him when he DOESNT have the ball.)
3. James Harrison (One mean machine)
4. Reggie Wayne. (Cant believe I just wrote that...great hands)
5. Heath Miller. (Great Hands)


1. Peyton Manning. (Too overrated, wins alot of regular season games, not so well in the postseason.)
2. Bob Sanders. ( I hate him when he plays, which means I love him half the time)
3. TO (A Cancer on whatever team he plays for)
4. Chad Johnson. (Hall of famer...I dont think so)
5. Carson Palmer. (What has he done....???)

Now back on the Ben Worthlinsberger thing. Maybe I should point out to you he has 2 super bowl rings. Not just someone else that everyone thinks is god.

If he is soooo worthless, how come he has a winning postseason record? How come your God only has 1? Payton has a losing record in the postseason, and is pretty much a 1 and out when it comes to postseason play.

2 super bowl rings in 5 years...against 1 in 10 years...yeah the math does not lie. I'll take my Big Ben over Peyton any day. He wins! 52 wins in his first 5 seasons...yeah he's worthless all right, I sense jealously.
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