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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09

Tress started recruiting top lineman in the recent past, but REALLY started emphasizing it after the Florida debacle. You expect them all to walk in as 19 year olds and unseat the juniors and seniors? Do YOU know anything about college football? I specifically addressed these things, and you are actually now trying to piggyback on MY facts with your spin.

Nice try.

Zwick was the top rated QB in Ohio? So what. How many pro QB's has OSU produced before and since Tress? He hasn't placd the emphasis on it necessary. Once again, calling attention to the fact that Smith took Zwick's job proves my point, not yours. One top recruit in 10 years (Pryor notwithstanding) sucks.

Tress has put together a top 5 program perennially. Top 5 year in and year out. Only an IDIOT would expect any college team to win the NCG every year, but there are a TON if idiot Bucknuts. There are 118 other programs who would understandably KILL to contend for a NC every year, let alone play in several of them in one decade.

I'm also trying to think of the last game they really should have won but didn't. Florida? Nope. They were DOMINATED along both lines, but, oh wait, I already pointed that out.
Outcoached? Yup, but they weren't winning that game either way. Their OL had their ass handed to them.

LSU? No way. Tigers were the better team.

Illinois last year? Sure, but EVERY team gets upset now and then. Or are the Buckeyes NEVER supposed to lose according to you? Be immune to upsets?

PSU this year? Perhaps. But Pryor was held in check, and the kid's young.

I bet you're one of those guys who thinks Pryor will suck, too, because he didn't put up Heisman numbers as a true frosh.

You're like a lot of guys around here...if your team doesn't win every game by 35, put up 400 in the air and 300 on the ground, and hold the other team to a shutout and negative yards, you bitch.

But, hey, that's cool. Football is for all kinds of fans, no matter what their level of understanding of the nuances of the game is...
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