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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Tress started recruiting top lineman in the recent past, but REALLY started emphasizing it after the Florida debacle. You expect them all to walk in as 19 year olds and unseat the juniors and seniors? Do YOU know anything about college football? I specifically addressed these things, and you are actually now trying to piggyback on MY facts with your spin.
Good job on totally dodging the issue. You say that Tressel never recruited top linemen. You're wrong about that too. Boone, Kirk Barton, Steve Rehring and multiple other strong offensive linemen (if you wanna call them that) were recruited before the whole Florida debacle. Tressel was also working with some of Cooper's recruits as well and last time I checked that was who he won the last national championship with.

Zwick was the top rated QB in Ohio? So what. How many pro QB's has OSU produced before and since Tress? He hasn't placd the emphasis on it necessary. Once again, calling attention to the fact that Smith took Zwick's job proves my point, not yours. One top recruit in 10 years (Pryor notwithstanding) sucks.
Who gives a shit about whether or not they've turned out to be great pros? Name 1 terrible OSU QB they've recruited in the last 15 years. The closest one I can think of was Bellisari and Zwick (who was bad more or less because of the style of offense and not so much that he was a bad QB). Also, OSU has never been a pro-QB school. Purdue, Notre Dame, USC, Alabama;etc are pro-QB schools. Knocking OSU for not having one be successful in the pros is just LOL. I guess by that logic, Florida can be discounted as a top threat team year after year.


I'm also trying to think of the last game they really should have won but didn't. Florida? Nope. They were DOMINATED along both lines, but, oh wait, I already pointed that out.
Outcoached? Yup, but they weren't winning that game either way. Their OL had their ass handed to them.
Are you serious? Florida didn't have near the depth that OSU did and OSU had twice the speed on offense. Bad things happen when you let undefeated streaks get to your team's head and you let them sit around and become overweight during a 53 day grace period. Bad play-calling also didn't help either. So yes, it was a game they could have won but didn't due to lack of preparation.

LSU? No way. Tigers were the better team.
OSU controlled the game until about the 2nd quarter and then in the 2nd half they stopped giving Beanie carries. You really expect them to win a big game when they stop giving their 6'2 230 pound back carries? Of course not.

Illinois last year? Sure, but EVERY team gets upset now and then. Or are the Buckeyes NEVER supposed to lose according to you? Be immune to upsets?
Again, another example of out-coaching. It happens but it did and this one happened on senior day and nearly cost OSU a chance to compete in the NC. I bet you would be calling for Tressel's job had that cost us a chance to the NC. Oh wait, then he would have went to the Rose Bowl and look at how well he did there too.

PSU this year? Perhaps. But Pryor was held in check, and the kid's young.

I bet you're one of those guys who thinks Pryor will suck, too, because he didn't put up Heisman numbers as a true frosh.
LMAO!!!! that made my day!

You're like a lot of guys around here...if your team doesn't win every game by 35, put up 400 in the air and 300 on the ground, and hold the other team to a shutout and negative yards, you bitch.
I bitch when my team loses games. Obviously, that doesn't have any effect on you since this entire time you have completely ignored the issue at hand which is the fact that in big non-conference games Tressel has failed in the last 3 years and it has made OSU a laughing stock in the media. I'm sure you would get along great with the rowdy Block O kids since you all seem to have the same mentality that Tressel is the second coming of Woody Hayes and he seems to have the answer for everything.

Only 4 more national titles away!!!
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