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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Difference is I enjoy all kinds of college football. I'm a season ticket holder for my Akron Zips and enjoy MAC football a lot. I respect the major conferences, but also realize that there are cycles of quality in those conferences.

It's ridiculous and absurd to isolate one conference and constantly bash them, especially when that conference has produced a NC in the recent past as well as some runner-up teams.

There are 118 other teams that would be HAPPY to lose NCG's every couple years. Those 118 teams have a lot of pissed of and envious fans..
You were the one bashing the ACC. I simply stated that the acc is better or just as good as the big 10. Playing and losing the NCG in the past does not mean that OSU was the runner-up team. They were overrated and did not belong in the game and their ranking fell mightly after the loses.
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