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Default Re: UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09

Originally Posted by atlsteelers View Post
You were the one bashing the ACC. I simply stated that the acc is better or just as good as the big 10. Playing and losing the NCG in the past does not mean that OSU was the runner-up team. They were overrated and did not belong in the game and their ranking fell mightly after the loses.
A) I did not isolate the ACC. I have bashed other conferences INCLUDING THE BIG TEN, in the recent past. I'm an equal opportunity offender.
B) The ACC might have been as good as the Big Ten once in the last 10 years. One year does not a conference make.
C) Overrated and not belonging are objective and biased observations, especailly irrelevant from an SEC homer.

OSU final rankings by year (AP):
'08- 9
'07- 5
'06- 2
'05- 4
'04- 20
'03- 4
'02- 1

Average rank: 6.42

Overrated? Doubt it...unless there's some kind of space alien/Elvis conspiracy theory at work here. Also bear in mind that with the exception of UW, the Bucks have played at least one perennial OOC power every year, and they've been in their share of BCS bowls. So it's not like they've ONLY beaten Big Ten teams (and the Big Ten has NOT been down every year since BCS play started...they are just in a down cycle).

My assertion is accurate: The Buckeyes have NOT paid the kind of attention to their lines in recruiting that they needed to over the years, and they have really started emphasizing it. That, along with recruiting THE top QB prospect last year will pay dividends in the next couple years. You can't just win by recruiting all glamour-type skill players, you need the top line prospects as well.

Blaming the coach is patently ridiculous.
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