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Default FOX News special report on Juarez cartel killings

kinda hard to believe its taken this long for the juarez murders to gain some national media attention.

geraldo rivera will be doing a special report tonight on fox news (10pm est).

according to him the death toll is now up to 2000 since january of '08.

good news though- its gotten so bad, that 2500 mexican army troops are now there patrolling the streets and for the 1st time in well over a year, it has gone 36 straight hours without a body being found.

this is some straight up gangsta shit. 3 bodies were dumped in front of the american councilate earlier this week.

they do stuff like chop off heads, pack it in an igloo cooler, and send it to the red cross as if its medical supplies.

if you like scarface type of stuff i highly recommend tuning in.

oh, and for what its worth, Julie Banderas makes foxnews well worth watching (she was just interviewing geraldo who was also on orielly yesterday to pimp this report).
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