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Default Re: You win lose some.

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
Last Tuesday I did not win the multi-state lottery. I rarely play, but when it gets up to $212 million dollars, I might drop a whole $5 dollars.

BUT!!!....Later that day, as I am waiting in the school parking lot for my daughter, friend (the one that lost her Steeler-fan father recently and I tried to send her a Steelers cap to show my support)...walks up to the car and hands me a brand-new...tags still Steelers winter coat.

She had bought it for her father but he never made it home from the hospital before she could give it to him...and as a friend she knew I would appreciate it.

I was humbled, honored, and excited with the gift and promised her I would wear it with pride!!!!

Didnt win the lottery....but its all good.

Awesome!!!!!! I have to buy a new Steelers' coat for next year. This chintzy pleather G-III coat I picked up last fall is already falling apart. Meh.

Whatever you do, do not buy this coat. I want you all to avoid my frustration.
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