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Default Re: The Official Bash/Question/Make fun of Democrats/Government/Obama Thread

Seriously, watch all these videos:

This man should run for president...

Also, I wrote this right after the election:
The reasons I don't support Obama for president have nothing to do with the color of his skin. First and foremost I find it shameful that I feel required to explain that fact before I oppose his nomination for fear of being labeled a "racist". If McCain and Obama's stances on the issues had been swapped, I would gladly support Obama for president. The reason I don't support Obama are simple, the ideas I support he does not, period. I believe in the sanctitiy of traditional marriage, I am pro-life (and think that it is an absolute atrocity that Obama supports partial birth abortions, I am also pro second ammendment and believe in trickle down economics.

I challenge any Obama supporter to list me his legislative accomplishments during his time in Congress. To this day the only "accomplishments" listed are either character traits, or the fact that he was a community organizer. Unlike most Obama supporters I can name one of his legislative accomplishments, the Global Poverty Act which he sponsored (more on this later).

Obama also doesn't have much of a track record for taking a stand on tough bills and being professional and timely. Do we really want a president that during his time at the senate voted "present" (meaning I don't take a stance on tough issues) 129 times and was late to numerous congressional meetings?

Obama says we are spending too much money in Iraq and need to be spending more money at home to help our faultering economy. I can respect that, except for the fact that the Global Poverty Act calls for America to spend over $845 billion dollars over the next 13 years in foreign aid over and above what they already spend. Where do you think the federal government will get almost a trillion dollars for social programs and another 845 billion dollars for his Global Poverty Fund? Thats right, your wallet.

I also disagree with putting heavy taxes on companies making over $250,000 dollars a year, which by the way is a "tiny bussiness" not even a "small bussiness". According to the IRS, the top 10% of households pay 70% of all income taxes, so now we are going to tax them more? I disagree with paying tax returns to 40% of people who didn't pay into taxes to begin with, we shouldn't support anyone who is a drain on the economy.

Last time I checked, big bussinesses create most jobs in this country. Can a poor person give you a job?

I agree with trickle down economics because I have seen it happen to me and countless others during this time of economic crisis. Gas prices have gone up, and people are spending less money. This has caused LOWES (where I work) to cut costs and raise prices. The price of delivery has gone up 20 dollars, my hours have been cut by 2/3 (from 30 to 10 hours a week), about 10 people have been "let go" over the last two months because they were "no longer needed" (ie, cutting overhead). This is happening all over the working sector.

What do you think will happen when Obama raises taxes on everyone making $250,000 dollars or more a year? Just like LOWES, bussinesses will do everything they can to lower their cost to operate, and pass on rising costs to the consumer. They will cut jobs, outsource to overseas to find cheaper labor, and they will raise prices and lower quality. It is all common sense people.

I also am very disturbed about the "spread the wealth around" comment. Socialism has never worked outside of small utopian societies like Brook Farm, and even then, they never lasted. If a free market, capitalist society is so terrible, why do we have one of the highest immigration rates in the world? Why are people pouring in illegally over the borders risking their lives and legal action to get here? Because we have the best economic system and the best country in the world.

It is a sad day in America when a candidate can win on HYPE and cult of personality alone. A candidate who has no executive experience, has no legislative accomplishments, can barely speak at all without a teleprompter, and has admitted to using cocaine and marijuana (yet we want to hold a DUI against Bush from 20 years ago), has won an election with absolutley no substance.

America should be ashamed for buying into the HYPE and rockstar image of a candiate with nothing to back up his empty rhetoric.

No thanks Obama, keep the CHANGE!
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