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Default Re: The Official Bash/Question/Make fun of Democrats/Government/Obama Thread

I never understood the sheeple thing.

Is it because a majority of the population actually voted for our president?

This is my last post in this thread; you can all go back to your "jump to conclusions" mat.

I'm gonna wait more than 50 days before I pass judgment on our president. What happened to all the "well, like it or not he's our president now." That died pretty quick. I could go back and quote people, but I'm not here to alienate anyone specifically.

The country is in a sh*thole, and if he can pull us out of it I will be eternally grateful.

Until then, I'm going to watch from afar and form my own opinions on the things that he does.

I suggest you all do the same (yes, this is a reference to the "news" outlets we discussed elsewhere).

Remember, Dan Rather, Sean Hannity, Jon Stewart, and the nuts on Fox & Friends are NOT your president.

EDIT: Oh one more thing...

God bless the offseason!!
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