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Default Re: FOX News special report on Juarez cartel killings

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
el paso had an astonishingly low 20 murders last year, which makes it one of our nations "safest" cities of its size or bigger.

the boarder partol and local police have done a pretty good job there considering, what is essentially the slaughter just a stones throw across the river.

on the flipside is phoeni, which has now become the kidnapping capitol of the US (350 last year) thanks to these cartels.

once these drugs make it across the boarder, phoenix is the major distribution hub to the rest of america.
I am all for federalizing a mile and a half of land from the boarders inward, and making them all training ground for the military. . .

That way, we side step the posse comitatis issues altogether, and our military starts to take care of the porous boarders.

(actually, posse-comitatis was amended years ago to allow for it. But too many people would probably be up in arms if the military just deployed on our border).

or we could use the national guard. As long as they are not federalized, they do not fall under posse-comitatis.
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