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Default Re: Andre Smith not Showing any progress

here's matt McGuire's take on him......

Posted March 12, 2009

Andre Smith is Bust-a-Licious

The NFL Draft is now a media-dominated event. ESPN and the NFL Network as well as radio aren't missing out because the market is there for NFL Draft coverage. Everyone wants to know where their favorite collegiate players and NFL teams stand in late April.

One thing I cannot get over though is how no one looks for the future busts this time of year.

After all, when you call a prospect a bust, you are certainly putting yourself out there. If you say Player X will bust and he doesn't, you don't look very smart.

However, I see it differently. If you say no one is going to bust, then you are not taking any sort of risk. Players WILL bust - it happens in every NFL Draft. The best of the best can call them.

Sometimes I (and everyone else) will be wrong, and sometimes I will be right.

In recent events for Andre Smith, if he is a first-round pick I think he will never live up to expectations.

Some of my draftnik friends still say there is a buzz that he is not going to fall out of the top 15 picks.

What are these teams thinking?

Smith has shown absolutely no willingness to put forth the effort to do what it takes to make it in the NFL. He did not care about the biggest interview of his life at the NFL Scouting Combine, and apparently he did not even inform his agent that he was leaving.

If this is not a sign of complete immaturity and irresponsibility, then I have no idea what is.

Now, I am not saying Smith will be completely out of the league in three seasons; I certainly think you can be an NFL player for 10 years, but still be a colossal bust.

I define a bust as not even coming close to living up to the expectations. If you were a top-20 pick, but put forth below-average production as a starter, then you are a bust. You do not have to be Ryan Leaf or Mike Williams to bust.

I do not believe Smith will be a productive player in the NFL. He has absolutely no work ethic, he is immature, and he is irresponsible.

No one should give him any credit for working out now, attending his Pro Day, or saying the right things. This is expected and is just damage control.

The damage has already been done. I feel like if you aren't going to work out for the biggest interview of your life, then you will not work out in the offseason when a team gives you a multi-million dollar contract.

Smith has had weight fluctuations in the past, and I am not sold that he has this elite athleticism people hype him up to have.

One NFL Draft analyst on television says he is this great talent, but will then turn around and say he is a questionable left tackle.

I really feel like the consensus is Andre Smith has elite talent only because Alabama had a great season. Smith got the media hype Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe did not, and that has stayed in people's minds.

When I put on the Kentucky, Tennessee, and LSU tape, I am not overly impressed. Smith has average feet and flexibility.

He was under Nick Saban's thumb at Alabama, and Saban does a great job of minimizing negative press.

I am simply not buying it that Smith will be a reliable player in the NFL. I see him gaining a ton of weight, not hitting the weight room, and being very lazy not doing the little things it takes to be great. He is in it for the money and not because he wants to be one of the best.

Maybe I am being a little hard on Smith, but quite frankly it seems like I am the only one criticizing him.

I do not want any part of Smith on my football team, and when it is all said and done, he will not even crack the top 50 of my big board because of his pathetic, immature attitude.
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