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Default Re: For anyone that likes my signature...

How come it isn't named Chester. I mean, come on.

Although at least it was "Tommy T." and not something like "Jakwumba" or "Maliki" that zoo people give animals all the time because they want to seem all cultural and sensitive by naming it something in Swahili. I swear, animal people have absolutely NO sense of humor when it comes to joking about things like that. I had a relative who worked at the zoo around here, and when they named the new camel "Abdul," I told her I thought a better name would be "Joe" and she just glared at me. Then I asked jokingly if they ever threw anyone in the tiger pit, and I got a lecture about how beautiful and powerful these animals are and how you should never disrespect them, not even making jokes. It's like, shut up, why can't you take a joke?
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