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Default Re: Best Mock, so far I've seen...

Originally Posted by calsteeler View Post
WAC Defensive player of the year ? Does the phrase,,,Oxymoron mean anything to you. I mean C'mon. That's like being voted the hottest chick in Cleveland :-) Texas fan mentioned the teams he has faced. Did you see he left out how non-existent he was against Nebraska ? average team at best. Boise State he had ONE sack, and it was after Boise cleared out all their O-Line starters, and after they had a big lead. I mean c'mon folks. DPOY in the WAC ?

Unless I'm wrong,,,and I never am, check the facts there definition. Former steeler HIGH 1st rounder, Huey Richardson was the SEC DPOY, even though the talk leading up in that draft was that he was horrible at the Senior Bowl and Combine drills. Oh he had a wonderful lists of measurables. 250 Lbs, 4.37 in the forty. 47 inch verticle, ,,ect. But most of his SEC stats came against weak teams.

And exactly what did this ALL WORLD SEC DPOY do for us definition ?????

Yeah, I thought so.
-So I guess the MAC offensive player of the year means nothing too huh??

-How about undrafted Linebackers from Kent State??

To you, Ryan Clady probably never blocked anybody because he played in the WAC I guess?

-A safety from the New Mexico Lobos had a pretty decent NFL career, but I guess the Mountain West Defensive player of the year is an "Oxymoron" too.

You said this guy (Gilbert) was never ranked in the top 150 and I was just pointing out that you were wrong. I never said that Huey Richardson was a good pick , so keep bringing up irrelevant facts in order to deflect from your incorrect assessments. It really shows your true character.

Gilbert was on the draft radar when the season started. Just like Kendall Langford was in 2007........but I guess to draft guru's like yourself, small schools like Hampton dont count.
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