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Default Re: Darrell Jackson on Jim Rome....Thank You.

Originally Posted by seahawksfan
Hey, tree hugging granola heads live down in Oregon! Not Seattle.

In love my java and there isn't a better place to enjoy it...except Italy?

The smack I commented on was your editorial about DJ's statement(s).

I'm glad to hear you love your's a cookie.

Also, I had the coffee in Italy, I'm content with Folgers personally.

Oregon/Washington............same difference.

Once again, where did I talk smack in this thread? When I stated his comments reflect the Seahawk "fans"? That's not smack, that's the truth. Can you seriously state that Seahawk fans are knowledgable when it comes to football? I'm not stating you in particular, but Seahawk fans in general. I'm sorry, I can't stand Cleveland fans, but I can at least give them props when holding a football conversation with one of them. Bear fans, Packer fans, Chief fans, Dolphin fans......excellent to hold conversatoin with when talking football.

For some reason, I'm getting the vibe that you think my comments are directed towards you personally. lol. Like I stated earlier, settle down. Take a deep breath. Drink your cup of coffee with fifty different flavors and relax, do some yoga and sing a Greatful Dead song.

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